In 2008, I switched my roofing distribution to Herman’s and I have experienced nothing but excellence from their team. From my account manager right down to the loading crew and inside staff; Herman’s is an excellent choice.

Randy, Owner - Mid Sized Roofing Company - Southern Ontario

I have been dealing with Herman's Building Centres in London for just over 12 years now and they have proven to me time and time again that their service more than exceeds just putting my shingles on a roof. The drivers and pre-loaders are knowledgeable and polite and treat the customer’s property with respect. The inside [store] staff is excellent in making sure my orders are on time and priced correctly, and always greet me anytime I am in the store. If I have any issues at all, my account manager has usually caught it before me and it is looked after immediately. To me Herman’s is a team I am proud to be associated with.

Ben - Owner - Large-sized Roofing Company - Southern Ontario